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Ten for CoCoRaHS

"Flash Flood" 
2022's Ten-For-CoCoRaHS Year-End Fundraiser. 
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With 2022 winding down, it's time for our annual CoCoRaHS year-end fundraiser. This very important event occurs once a year and accounts for approximately one-third of our operating budget. We thank all of you who have donated in the past and those who might consider giving a gift this year for the first time. Our goal is $175,000 by January 8th. It's an ambitious goal, but with your help we have a good chance to achieve it.

As part of our precipitation themed campaigns in the past, this year's fundraiser is focused on "Flash Floods". These devastating meteorological events come on suddenly and can take many of us by surprise, often with tragic results. Our message is to be aware of this deadly potential depending on your location and what actions to take or not, to keep you safe if you happen to be caught in one. "Turn around, don't drown!, "Climb to higher ground!", "Don't get swept away!" and "Stay clear of floodwater!" are just some of the wise sayings that are featured on this year's t-shirt (which sports a tasteful "album cover look" depicting heavy rainfall from above quickly turning into rapidly moving water) which we hope those around you will read and take to heart. More than just raising funds, we want you to become savvy and stay safe when it comes to flooding. We will add some additional facts and tips on flooding during our weekly fundraiser updates (which come out on Tuesday mornings).

As we enter our annual fundraising season, we can't say enough how thankful we are for each of you who take the time and effort to measure precipitation (or the lack of) at your location as often as you can. Our observers are what makes CoCoRaHS tick. At this time close to 25,000+ active observers make CoCoRaHS the premier precipitation network that it is today and the largest source of daily precipitation measurements in North America and possibly the world. Daily precipitation observations stretch from the coast of Labrador on the Atlantic in the northeast, southward to the U.S. Virgin Islands onward to Guam and villages of Alaska in the Pacific.

CoCoRaHS is not just about collecting precipitation data as we have learned from many. many observers including a woman in Michigan who put it so well last year that her statement is worth repeating again, "I used to check the rain gauge in conjunction with my dog’s morning routine. Now that she is (very) sadly gone, CoCoRaHS has held me to the habit of exiting the house. Checking my daily “gauge catch” gets me outdoors first thing, into the day—the REAL day. In addition to making a smidgeon of a contribution as a citizen scientist, I receive the benefits of smelling the air, gazing at the sky, hearing the birds and the breeze. It is a gift I give to myself, and honestly, I might end up skipping it if I didn’t have CoCoRaHS as a welcome prod."

Over the years many continue to ask, "Can I help the network out monetarily with a financial gift in addition to taking part in the measurement aspect of the program?" You certainly can and thank you for asking. Donating to our annual fundraising campaign is a great way of doing just that (whether it's $10, a required minimum distribution from your retirement plan or even a donation of stock). Your gifts support CoCoRaHS activities such as educational programs, outreach, supplies, observer/coordinator support, data management, web development work and much more. Each and every one of your gifts, no matter the size (and we mean that), has an impact that goes a long way toward keeping our 501(c)(3) nonprofit network operating throughout the year. As you consider giving to the many worthy organizations out there, please consider making a $10 donation today. Some employers will even match your gift. For reference, the associated EIN related to our organization is 23-7098397 if you need that. Please remember that none of our observers are under any obligation whatsoever to donate.

We have over $35,000 in matching funds that remain available via "challenge matches" offered by 62 CoCoRaHS observers who will match your gift up to a certain amount in many areas of the country. Click "matching" to see the current list. This is a great way to double the impact of your gift.

Once again we have a special thank you gift available to all who make a donation of $60 or more. This year, it's our CoCoRaHS "Flash Flood" t-shirt and it sure turned out great. A charcoal colored shirt with orange, white and navy blue graphics . . . we think you'll like it.  Consider getting one for yourself, a family member or friend. A long-sleeved shirt is available for donations of $100 or more (but you are still able to choose a short sleeve shirt instead). Shirts will be mailed out in February or earlier.

We hope that you will help us achieve our goal for this campaign as you partner with us in the weeks ahead.

Your gift to support the CoCoRaHS Program may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax adviser to determine the tax-deductibility of your gift.

You may print a form to complete and mail in by clicking here if you prefer.

*Please note that all donations received will directly support the CoCoRaHS Network and its sustainability. No funds received will go to NOAA's National Weather Service, which is a great advocate of CoCoRaHS.
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