Colorado State University takes pride in its commitment to enriching, valuing, and promoting diversity and multiculturalism as an integral aspect of its mission as a land-grant institution of higher education. In line with this, we offer a range of programs and services tailored to support students in various capacities, fostering their active engagement and valuable contributions to the diverse campus community. Although each office has a particular focus on a specific segment of the student body, the services and programs offered are accessible and beneficial to all students at CSU.

September 4 through 11, we're asking alumni and friends of CSU to support inclusive excellence on our campus with your participation in our Student Diversity Programs and Services (SDPS) Sprint. There's power in collective giving and action; let's harness it to help all of our offices and students start the academic year off strong.

SO ARE YOU READY TO MAKE AN IMPACT? Select the office(s) below you're most passionate about and make your gift today. If you're interested in broadly supporting student diversity programs and services at CSU, consider a gift to the SDPS Endowment.